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Just Bill

Mr. McGloughlin? Well, you're welcome, Mr. Siers!

Dr. Merritt

Pullet surprise; yea! I was hoping to 'see your'

Dr. Merritt

Pullet surprise; yea! I was hoping to 'see yours'


I think it's pronounced "sigh errs" or "sigh ears". I did a similar caption this week with "Since the prize budget got cut, Pulitzer prize winners will get this" but the humor fell off the table and cracked on the floor, filling the air with a foul stench.

But any way, congrats Kevin on your win! Well earned!!

Kenneth Irving

It's good to have a Pulitzer Prize winner at the Observer once again. Congratulations Kevin!

suzanne & co.

Congrats to all the winners... I thought Bill's was a classic and the team should have voted that as a winner for Kevin this week....Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and Congratulations to Kevin well deserved!!

Karen Barrett

congratulations on the award!


I liked Bill's best too. Congratulations again, Kevin. The Pulitzer is a well deserved honor. Congrats to this week's winners too.


Congrats to the winners and all the mentions!

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