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charles "Mike" Randall

Well played, Duane!

suzanne & co.

Best winner by far!!!!Congrats to all...


Well done, guys, Here's a few I had hopes for:
“You’ll be watched every inch of the way.”
“My advice? Don’t be easily swayed.”
“Take it slow and don’t go out on a limb.”
“Do as we say and we’ll stay out of your hair.”
“I can’t support you, but hang in there.”


The smell of scandal, the smell of Thuricide
All these strange things I can't keep inside

[to the tune of 'undercover of the night']

Frieda Coviello

I agree with Suzanne!!!! Best winner by far!!!!


If a Cannon can't destroy us, what makes you think you can?


Excellent, Duane! Goood runners-up too.

Helen Raley

Great caption, Duane!!


Congrats to all!

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