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Kenneth Dicus

For someone who is short, bald, ugly, and has bad breath trying to portray someone that most of North Carolinians elected as the devil was a pathetic portrayal.

Kevin Siers

You forgot 'fat'. Besides, I believe you're mistaken -- Maleficent may be twisted in Disney's new movie, but I don't believe she's the devil.


Huh, I wonder how Mr. Dicus got close enough to find out about your bad breath. In any event, your portraying McCrory as Maleficent is preferable to voters electing him as the devil. :<)


Congratulations to Ray and the runners up.

Mr. Dicus, those of us who enter regularly have a wide range of political views, but I think we'd all agree that your comments are garbage.


Congrats to the winner and all the mentions!

suzanne & co.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!!!

Sergio Ciccone

Congratulations, Ray! Great caption.

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