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Gene, great winner!! Congrats to you and all the mentions!


Congratulations to all.

suzanne & co.

Great winner and great one Carolyn!


Thanks, Suzanne


Congrats all. I was hoping my "Your Farm, My Manure" would place. Changing my name to Phil Clutts! chip


Chip, believe it or not I have discovered that there are already other Phil Cluttses out there, but feel free to join our non-exclusive club. Besides, you and I were thinking along the same lines, as one of my entries was “You’re right. There’s a market for free manure.” At the risk of making a parody of myself, another of my hopefuls was “Don’t say a word about the state of OUR union.”
Oh well, I can smile and whine at the same time. :<) Congratulations to this week's top dogs.

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