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Just Bill

Thanks, Kevin, with congratulations to all the runners-up and other entries, but my hat is off to Ross and Scott! I suspect that only space limitations kept them from winning. Exceedingly well played, gentlemen.


I liked John's Can we rename this the Ross and Phil show?

suzanne & co.

Congrats Bill..and all others..thought Allies in Wonderland was clever!


Congrats to all!


Congrats to the winner and all the mentions! Thanks for the HM, always an honor!!

Phil Clutts

Cooper, you’re probably speaking tongue-in-cheek, but just for the record, I believe past contest winners and runners-up include only one “Ross” (he IS good), while there are at least three “Phils” - myself, Phil Chubb, and Phil Vavra. I don’t know the comparative numbers, but Kevin has selected the deserving entries of Carolyn Hudson, Bill McGloughlin, Steve Meckler, Charlene Bolt, Brandon Swann and many others on multiple occasions, so it’s by no means a two-person show. As with everything else, while the honors may not be, er, “equally distributed,” everybody has an equal opportunity to win. Being retired, I have a bit of an advantage (more leisure time for tweaking whatever comes to mind Monday mornings and final submission on Wednesdays). The other regular winners are just folks who are well-eQUIPped.” :<)
Best of luck to you in future contests, and congrats to the winner and runners-up today.


Whew, Phil, there for I thought you said twerking..congrats to all winners.



Charles "Mike" Randall

Great entries! Congrats to all!!


So why are long parody rhymes even getting honorable mention. They break the primary rule "The most important thing -- and the toughest -- is to keep it short!" Sure, they are clever, but....

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