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I looked and did not find any cartoons by you that had Bev as a dog or anything like that, is this something you are exploring as a new wave in your career?


Congratulations Ken, Rob, and Doug!

Kevin Siers

Larry, Larry, Larry. It's true that Bev didn't show up in the Caption Contest much, but there were plenty of cartoons of Easley and Obama back then, so I don't think it's because I was being nice to Democrats. In my regular Observer cartoons, I remember drawing her as a baby chick, a chicken, a dodo bird and a peanut, just off the top of my head. And if you had looked real hard, surely you would have remembered the caption contest you actually won, featuring Bev Perdue as a parrot on the shoulder of a Democratic Donkey pirate.

suzanne & co.

Congratulations Ken.. but then I liked Doug's as well!



If only your paper as a whole could play it down the middle like you do. Everyday there's a new hit piece on McCrory about some contrived, overblown issue. Meanwhile, you'd be hard-pressed to ever see an observer story or editorial that portrays Obama in a negative light.


Congrats to the winner and all the mentions!


Oh thanks for reminding us of the others you have posted, and the amusing characters they were portrayed.

For some reason I felt your posting our Gov as a dog was some type of slight.

I can now see that you and the observer are as fair as you both say you are.

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