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Phil Clutts

Way to go, Bolyn - a caption winner and lead-off letter to the editor (with picture) in the same week!

Just Bill


Larry Bumgarner

The only time of year Conservatives read the observer.


At least two entries with the $24 'humor'. So much for "Originality counts too. Sometimes the picture may suggest the same idea to everyone, but don't settle for the obvious. We don't foresee any ties, so the winner's caption will have to stand out from the rest."

Phil Clutts

I think the way it works is that if 50 people came up with something like "Stuff it, pal; let’s go shopping,” and just a few came up with a version of selling Manhattan, those few are still considered “original” or at least “relatively original,” if you will. The one deemed best of the originals is the winner and shouldn’t be disqualified just because someone else had almost as good an idea.

Kevin Siers

Thanks, Phil. I couldn't have said it better myself. Originality does count. Making the judges laugh out loud counts even more. This week, Mr. McClung made us laugh out loud.


Outstanding, Bolyn! Congratulations to the runners-up too.


Congrats to the winner and all the mentions!!!

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